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Alec Bradley SCR Torpedo

February 6, 2010

Alec Bradley SCR

Wrapper: Trojes, Honduras
Binder: Trojes, Honduras, Indonesia Embertunada
Filler: Honduras, Nicaragua
Size: 6 1/8 x 52 [Torpedo]

I enjoy giving new cigars a try. There’s something of the unknown that stimulates the senses and seems to heighten the overall smoking experience when for the first time you enjoy a never-before-smoked cigar. This was exactly the case for me as I selected the handsome Alec Bradley SCR from the humidor.

With it’s banded foot and dominant primary band, the SCR is dressed for a night on the town of the highest class. The wrapper is rich and inviting to say the least, offering hints of leather and molasses. As much as you could simply sit and stare long at this fine cigar, it’s near impossible as it begs you to clip, light and draw deep.

Which is exactly what I preceded to do. It was like seeing an old friend you’d not seen in years. The initial draw flooded the senses with a bounty of rich flavors, including thick leather mixed with a perfect balance of buttery smooth cream (I’m craving another as I write). In addition to the wonderful array of flavors that danced about for the duration of the smoke; every now and again I would pick up a soft hint of spice that seemed to linger ever so gently on the lips. This was a nice touch to the overall cigar, as it kept things interesting all throughout. I also noticed that the flavor profile you were greeted with at the beginning held throughout the middle and end of the cigar. Never once did it become bland or earthy toward the middle or end.

The draw was flawless; something I find lacking on most torpedoes. The smoke was encasing, hanging low in the air. The burn was only slightly hindered by a small nic in the foot that was the result of removing the secondary band. Once the burn moved beyond this point it was near perfect, never once needing a touch up. The ash held firm, holding to about the one to one and a half inch mark every time before letting go on its own.

This is a wonderful cigar to add to any humidor and would seem to compliment most any occasion well. It is quite mild (don’t read boring), but has a ton of robust flavors that do well to make this a great cigar for a long time smoker or someone  somewhat new to cigars.

Would I smoke the SCR again? In a heartbeat!

Personal rating: 9 (10 pt. scale)

Happy Smoking,
~R. Harrison Malone

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