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Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ

January 7, 2010

Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ

Wrapper: Corojo Oscuro
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 5 x 50 [Selectos]

Someone once said to me, “If you’ve smoked one Don Pepin cigar, you’ve smoked them all.” This statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Most certainly, you can almost always expect to be greeted by the customary DPG peppery spice for the first few draws. But to suggest the vast a ray of DPG cigars all taste the same; well that’s foolish.

I’ll be the fist to tell you I enjoy a DPG cigar every now and again, and what better cigar to begin 2010 with than the Series JJ Selectos? Pre-light I found this cigar to be near flawless. The light, soft veins of the wrapper danced about the length of the cigar, oddly enough helping to draw your eyes directly toward the impressive double band wrapped neatly around the cigar.

Making quick use of my trusted Palio cutter, I just ever so slightly trimmed the top most portion of the triple cap; which opened up a free flowing draw that was surprising given how little head I had taken off. The pre-light aroma was that of honey and a dry roasted nuttiness that proved rather inviting.

The Series JJ lit like a champ, producing a nice even burn out of the gate. Large clouds of smoke quickly filled the air and I effortlessly puffed away taking in the fullness of the DPG spice.  After the initial spice relented, around the third or fourth draw, I noticed a rather intense dryness to the cigar. This rather intensified the earlier dry roasted nuttiness I had picked up in my pre-light routine. While I can’t be certain, I thought I too noticed hints of mahogany scampering about throughout the duration of the cigar.

I wouldn’t dub this a very complex cigar, as far as flavor is concerned. Like all other DPG cigars I’ve had the privilege to enjoy, I would dub this a quality cigar. It held its burn quite well, kept a fair amount of smoke lingering about, stayed true to the flavor notes it first greeted me with and all in all satisfied to the very end.

Then again, this is a DPG… would you expect anything less?

I will say however, that I more prefer say the DPG Blue or Black Edition to the Series JJ. But please, don’t allow that to deter you from enjoying this great cigar.

Personal rating: 8 (10 pt. scale)

Happy Smoking,
~R. Harrison Malone

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  1. baronvonburnleaf permalink
    March 3, 2010 12:44 AM

    Mr. Malone –
    Great review. I would agree on your assessment that given the option I would pick a “blue” over the “white”. I actually smoked this one last week. Sadly, the wrapper started cracking almost immediately upon lighting. Interestingly enough, the ash held on for more than 2 inches. In any case, the flavors were excellent. As always, keep up the good reviews.

    – der baron

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