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Illusione Epernay Le Elegance

December 31, 2009

I very well could have titled this review, Cigars from the Wintery Mid-West or Final Smoke of 2009. Nevertheless, I’ll keep to my standard formatting here.

I very much enjoy having the opportunity to try new cigars, and the Illusione Epernay allowed  me just such an opportunity. If I were to describe this cigar in a word as it rested in the humidor, I might suggest unassuming. But that’s as far the description will go. Once I plucked it from it’s resting place I quickly began to become aware of far more accurate words to describe the Epernay.

The wrapper was nothing short of a master piece, with its soft relaxing feel and subtle veins running throughout. This particular vitolas comes in at 5.75 x 40 and seems the perfect mid-day smoke.

Speaking of smoke; the Epernay can smoke. Like a wild fire run a muck, huge billowing clouds of white-grey smoke filled the air for the duration of the cigar.

I decided in place of my standard Palio cut, I would opt to use a V-cut (having just received a V-cutter for Christmas). While I still need practice with the V-cutter, my minor cutting mistakes did not seem to effect the overall smoking experience. Other than an early mishap, where due to the cold, the cigar burned out. I would say the burn was near flawless, keeping fairly consistent throughout the length of the cigar.

Regarding the tasting notes of the Epernay, I would liken them to a dry white wine; subtle but there, lingering toward the back of the throat. According to the Illusione website, I should have noted hints of coffee and honey, but alas I did not. Toward the middle to end of the cigar the flavor become dominated by pure tobacco; which I might add was not to the detriment of the overall experience.

I found this cigar to sit nicely in the medium body range for the length of the cigar. This factor, combined with the somewhat under assuming flavor notes (for me) resulted in a rather “vanilla” cigar. Nothing too exciting or complex here. Yet I do not believe I would recommend this cigar however, to a young cigar smoker. Once if after you have about a dozen cigars under your belt, the Epernay would be a suitable choice.

While I am certainly not writing off Illusione cigars, I have to give this particular cigar the following rating…

Personal rating: 7.25 (10 pt. scale)

Happy Smoking,
~R. Harrison Malone

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