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Rocky Patel Vintage 92 Churchill

October 26, 2009

I recall the first time I smoked the Rocky Patel Vintage 92; at the time I described it as the “bratty little brother to the Vintage 90.” Which I might add is still one of my favorite smokes. None-the-less, that first experience with the Vintage 92 lead me to cast a bid on a 5’er–which I won for pennies on the dollar. Those first couple of cigars never did sit quite right with me and I opted to leave the remaining couple of sticks rest in the bottom of the humidor.

For whatever reason tonight seemed the perfect opportunity to again light up a Vintage 92.  Like most any Patel cigar, it’s an impressive cigar to gaze at. Well, with its 7 x 48 Ecuadoran Sumatra wrapper encasing the contents of a well balanced Dominican & Nicaraguan filler.

My pre-light routine was met with exactly what I was expecting; easy cut, smooth draw and inciting aroma. Despite having rested for over a year in the humidor, the Vintage 92 lit up easy and kept an even, moderate burn throughout the duration of the smoke.

Most noticeable this time around however, was how the flavor profile; which I would typically classify as a more unrefined version of the Vintage 90, had mellowed out. While not producing the smoothness accustomed to the Vintage 90, I found this aged version of the Vintage 92 much more enjoyable. Still present were the nutty flavor hues and subtle hints of spice that danced about the tongue; they were however, muted or mellowed I might say.

All in all the Vintage 92 is a quality cigar worthy of the price and equally worth of the various adulates that have been lavished upon it over the years. For my personal tastes however, I think I will continue to promote the Vintage 90 over the 92. In fairness though, I think I can safely remove the tag of “bratty little brother.”

Personal rating: 8 (10 pt. scale)

Happy Smoking,
~R. Harrison Malone

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