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Casa Magna Colorado Robusto

October 12, 2009


Picture it… a cool, crisp, early September night, with not a cloud in the sky and the stars abounding.  With the remnants of a High School football game still lingering in the air; one can hear the sound of steel on leaf as the Palio blade melts its way through the rich and robust wrapper of the Casa Magna Colorado Robusto.

An impressive cigar at first blush, the Casa Magna exudes a confidence seldom found in other cigars retailing at the $5.00 to $7.00 mark (depending on purchase location).

The Casa Magna is really an eye catching cigar; with its deeply rich mahogany Colorado wrapper and creamy molasses exuding aroma. This is one of those cigars you eagerly await the opportunity to sink your teeth into, if not literally. The construction is also note worthy as the cigar sits firmly in hand, all the while the velvety smooth wrapper gently warms your fingers in its embrace. Not that it’s necessary, for the cigar its self speaks loudly enough, the band of the Casa Magan is quite impressive. Especially when one considers it requires just over an inch of the five and a half inches of cigar real estate.

My pre-light cut responded as I had imagined; clean and true, but my pre-light draw was a bit too firm for my liking, requiring a second lesser cut. This seemed to loosen up the draw just enough; although it remained firm throughout the duration of the smoke. I did not find this a negative quality however.

Lighting easily enough, the Casa Magna belched out large volumes of voluptuous white-grey smoke that filled the air with rich hints of sweet coffee as the smoke billows swirled about. For the duration of the smoke, and considering I was outside, I felt the burn remained even enough and rather steady; burning more to the cool side of hot making for a smoke that lasted near ninety minutes stopping at about the two inch mark.

The  flavor profile of this cigar began rather aggressive offering a fair amount of spice as an after taste and greeting the waiting palet with rich creamy notes of coffee and molasses. Toward the half way point, the flavor profile made an abrupt shift away from where it had been resting and the flavor took on a more nutty, earthy–almost leathery flavor; also leaving behind the early spice that had become like an old friend. These new flavor notes remained till the end allowing the cigar to naturally come to a pleasant conclusion.

It’s easy to see why this cigar received such high acclaim in 2008 by many of the big name cigar reviews. Without question this seemed the perfect cigar for an early fall evening.

Casa Magna
Colorado Robusto
5.5 x 52
Nicaraguan puro

Personal rating: 9 (10 pt. scale)

Happy Smoking,
~R. Harrison Malone

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